Finish Line the Short Film

17 06 2013

After a successful festival run, the short film version of “Finish Line” is now available online for free.  The web series episodes are free as well, contain a lot more interviews and are available in previous blog posts.


Sarasota Film Festival

20 03 2012

Finish Line, our documentary short that asks the question, “What happens when you die?”, has been accepted into the prestigious Sarasota Film festival.  Our screenings are April 17th and April 20th.

We are excited to be in with such a stellar line-up of films.  Many filmmakers and actors will be in attendance, it will be a wonderful opportunity for this film to gain an important audience.

Details on the fest HERE.

Trailer for “Finish Line” Short Doc

8 01 2012

As we wait on word from Festivals the world over, we give you the trailer for “Finish Line”. This is a doc that asks folks from all walks of life, “What happens when you die?” Inspiring, honest and entertaining, This is a lively discussion on death!

Janet and Alice offer their thoughts on an afterlife

24 10 2011
These thoughts come from my Aunt Janet and Aunt Alice.
Janet –
After watching your video and reading Ted and Jerry’s descriptions…I still don’t waver from my simple Christian belief that the Bible is true and there will be a life hereafter and I will again reunite with my loved ones who have died before me.  I get a peace from my belief that is beyond description.  The Bible simply says,
“If you ask, believing, it will be received.”  This philosophy was passed down through my grandmother and parents as well as my own personal study of the Bible and Christian beliefs.
I also believe we are born with a soul and obtain our spirit through our beliefs.
I believe there is a standard of truth.  I believe our culture has deviated from that belief and practices relativeism, looking to all manner of opinions abounding in individuals, organizations and even so-called churches.  I strongly believe in the source of Truth, the Bible which ancient documents and historical back-up of them are closer to eye-witness accounts than any other s from that period.  My 90 years of experience have continually confirmed my belief.  I believe that Jesus’ words in the Bible are Spirit directed and have been divinely perserved over the centuries.  I believe He is Truth. I believe He is God as part of the Holy Trinity, which our finite minds cannot conceive, (else, why would God be God if our minds could equal His?)  So I have been given Faith and open spiritual eyes and ears to hear the Truth. I Praise the Almighty and Merciful God, I thank Him for loving me UNCONDITIONALLY and wanting fellowship with me, an undeserving servant, and promises me a home in heaven when I die.  I trust in Him, Love Him and rest in Him.  The Bible tells me so.

Show your Faith, be cheerful !

Finish Line Documentary Trailer

16 07 2011

We have completed the documentary “Finish Line”. This doc takes highlights from the popular web series of the same name and creates a new film that captivates.  A film with great feeling, “Finish Line” presents folks from all walks of life, with all points of view.  Surprisingly, a film about death is entertaining and full of life!  Watch for the film at festivals and on television over the next year.

Stephen Hawking weighs in on death

16 05 2011

I found this appropriate for this series.


Episode 13 – Michel, Charlie & Bill – Final episode

27 12 2010

Well, we have reached the finish line of our web series on what happens when we die.  Michel, Charlie and Bill all have interesting takes on life and death.

I have enjoyed listening and gaining insight from all of our web series participants.  I do hope you got something out of the series as well.  Thank you for watching and sharing with your friends.

Cheers, Nic Beery